zaterdag 30 december 2017

FLAC - Beth Hart live in Leeds 2017 - 2CD - October 30 - solo show

Beth Hart
Leeds Town Hall
Oct. 30 2017

Recorded with Zoom h2
Wav -->trader's little helper -->flac Level8
Split with Gold Wave
Recorded by : Honza

Beth Hart - Voice,Acoustic Guitar,Acoutic Bass,Keys,Piano

Baddest Blues
Chocolate jesus
Jazz Man
Bottle Of Jesus
Might As Well Smile
Hiding Under Water
Swing My Thing Back Around
Spirit Of God
Spiders on My Bed
Fine & Mellow
Get Your Shit Together
Broken & Ugly
Coca Cola
I'll Take care Of You
Fat Man
Love Is A Lie
Take It Easy On Me
Mama This One's For You
My California

Amazing recording ...this on one of the fews european solo show of beth during the autumn of 2017
The setlis is absolutely amazing with a couple of gems...hiding under water...take it easy...and the piano version of fat man...

Download this bootleg here

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