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FLAC - Paul McCartney live in Detroit 2017 - 3CD - October 1

Detroit, Little Ceasars Palace
October 1, 2017

01. A Hard Day's Night
02. Junior's Farm
03. Can't Buy Me Love
04. Jet
05. All My Loving
06. Let Me Roll It
07. Jimi Hendrix Tribute & Story
08. I've Got A Feeling
09. My Valentine
10. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five
11. Maybe I'm Amazed
12. We Can Work It Out
13. In Spite Of All The Danger
14. You Won't See Me
15. Love Me Do
16. And I Love Her
17. Blackbird
18. Here Today
19. Queenie Eye
20. New
21. Lady Madonna
22. FourFiveSeconds
23. Eleanor Rigby
24. I Wanna Be Your Man
25. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!
26. Something
27. A Day In The Life / Give Peace A Chance
28. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
29. Band On The Run
30. Back In The U.S.S.R.
31. Let It Be
32. Live And Let Die
33. Hey Jude
34. Yesterday
35. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
36. Helter Skelter
37. Fans Gets On Stage / Birthday
38. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End

TT 175:56

Lineage: CA-14 (cardioid) > Zoom H4n (24bit/48kHz) > HD > SoundForge 10.0 Pro > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 5)

Paul McCartney - vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, ukulele
Brian Ray - bass, guitar, vocals
Rusty Anderson - guitar, vocals
Abe Laboriel Jr. - drums, vocals
Paul "Wix" Wickens - keyboards, harmonica, congas, vocals

Another one from the "out of Europe" series. This is show 1 out of 2 gigs Paul played in Detroit. I had forgotten how
unpleasant and unrespectful could american audience be. In this case there was a young lady sitting on my right who
thought she could be a much better fit for the Beatles songs than sir Paul. She sang so loud with whistles and screams
that I had to move to a quiter spot in the venue.

Apart from that, the show was very pleasant as usual, Paul very talkative and the band in good shape. Controls at the
entrance quite strict but at the end my Zoom entered the venue to capture the event. Setlist was also different from
last time I saw Paul in Paris.




18c9bf36c95e43d82f699edfa9c17f40 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit101.flac
a3c9a415ea3c1a750291c5427d531a1c [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit102.flac
eefa7785c2397232e2314daa71e61714 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit103.flac
07370d41900948038f5e08ccc24ecbcb [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit104.flac
459a459412e3126f2f2d39bed9b47810 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit105.flac
189183eb92d52e4aa477db69cd478d9b [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit106.flac
a9650bd54b687ef2e47e0e2d86715ceb [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit107.flac
ee17fc7908d936c1d873d6cd89c1218d [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit108.flac
be323f57a44844e0fb7613cdfc9fc0cb [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit109.flac
1a9adfef2c6902eafce6544e667926d7 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit110.flac
22cc6135912edd63475ae9d1064e82df [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit111.flac
df3f0506a7fd40415ede23680744cc6d [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit112.flac
e8c8a5092e678fa0a90972c6389da63d [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit113.flac
bd9c7233a596ac6735ff20703ce48faf [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit114.flac
c865269f16d095939a2e242f7c09c4c0 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit115.flac
383e2647df754bce72c650f501dc421d [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit116.flac
bc6e6fbceac4fa1cbc1f7544eae00d29 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit117.flac
10f8da61849ed98c97cb51dd6463f046 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit118.flac
61ddaa67fa262cf40ffa0ab8db5a50d6 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit119.flac
dc6e101d2fd8fc2795d5b0241accff30 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit120.flac
087e1e8a08a6ffab6c1ed8b10cd657e6 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit121.flac
f6c2e52b32af815ef819132b5ba53acd [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit122.flac
fe36add3888001af27ecf7c6e9c08f98 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit201.flac
b074c4eaef31ee7528f9587347df8087 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit202.flac
efb7690afd9541e8e8ac36e817e7d481 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit203.flac
ab6fc941797895a09d4011822eb04d3f [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit204.flac
2b2935f7ac4ce5a21d0981b3a8a7b8c4 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit205.flac
26c2c55408d614816eb2dad01f1d889c [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit206.flac
391b91f256ec53c06927fc8df0fd1015 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit207.flac
858b297f6d47caa1e6097c0614ac129c [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit208.flac
61a6364778e0e7f1ac7c1761d658cb6c [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit209.flac
c75a03b3f4b00a63799ffa827973219d [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit210.flac
895bbafdca542863586835f061520f42 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit211.flac
d01cc878385342a4ef09ee29403f165f [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit212.flac
da3720b15579e9f0a8f062f0575be989 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit213.flac
2d2a1c51b47daab1551ae869f15ff377 [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit214.flac
e02ba374b012d284b7cafbc15e606f2a [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit215.flac
8c83d5a7cc353c1de63fbfb9dded3ebf [shntool] Paul McCartney 20171001Detroit216.flac

NOTE: This show is in 24-bit format and may be burned to a DVD. It cannot be burned to a CD as is.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

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