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FLAC - Paul McCartney live in Syracuse 2017 - 3CD - August 23

Paul McCartney
Carrier Dome
Syracuse, NY
August 23, 2017

16 bit version

Taped and photographed by saygeddylee
Gear: AT831s > Tascam DR-08
Mastered by }{eywood
Lineage: DR-08 (recording to .wav @ 24/96) > USB > Adobe Audition 1.5 (EQ, clap reduction, peak limiting, splits & fades) > Xrecode II (conversion to 16/44.1) > TLH (sector alignment, flac 8)

Finally a dream come true. Seeing Paul after 22 Years of being a beatles fan. Unfortunately }{eywood had to bounce out of this one, but that turned out to be a blessing as we were seated on bleachers and there wasn't any legroom. I was fortunate enough to have some stretching room. The people around me were pretty quiet: the guy on the right seeming completely uninterested and most likely on a date; the woman on my left was quiet excep for joining me in crying during Maybe I'm Amazed. The setlist was a complete surprise as it was different from the previous setlist 2 days before, Pefrormance wise the band was at the to of their game, and Abe Laboriel Jr. on drums was particularly fun to watch as he is always into it and having the time of his life every show.

As for the man himself, his constant pausing betwen songs to soak up the cheers which must have been boring after 10 minutes in 1963, seemed to shop the show dead in its tracks every two minutes. His voice is a bit rough, with a wide wobble to it, but he did his best, and hey he played for 3 straight hours! Blown away! Pretty good for a 75 yr old guy.

Checked off the bucket list.

01 A Hard DAy's Night
02 Junior's Farm
03 Can't Buy Me Love
04 Jet
05 All My Loving
06 Let Me Roll It
07 banter: Hendrix story
08 I've Got a Feeling
09 My Valentine
10 Ninetwwn Hundred Eighty-Five
11 Maybe I'm Amazed
12 banter: reading the signs
13 We Can Work it Out
14 banter: Quarrymen story
15 In Spite of ALl the Danger
16 You Won't See Me
17 banter: George Martin story
18 Love Me Do
19 And I Love Her
20 banter: civil rights
21 Blackbird
22 Here Today
23 Queenie Eye
24 New
25 Lady Madonna
26 Fourfivesceonds
27 Elanor Rigby
28 banter: Stones story
29 I Wanna Be Your Man
30 Being for the Benefot of Mr. Kite
31 banter: ukelele
32 Something
33 A Day in the Life / Give Peace a Chance
34 Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
35 Band on the Run
36 Back in the USSR
37 banter: USSR
38 Let it Be
39 Live and Let Die
40 Hey Jude

41 Yesterday
42 Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)
43 Helter Skelter
44 banter: audience participation
45 Birthday
46 banter: thank yous
47 Golden Slumbers
48 Carry That Weight
49 The End


01 A Hard Day's Night.flac:9ba9fc199256e96d1fb4697f4f651386
02 Juinior's Farm.flac:4aeb47ceb78b53218b3374999ea05f0e
03 Can't Buy Me Love.flac:bfb460da480833b827d4b371a8aad328
04 Jet.flac:08533879ee6075d6de9672303c86044c
05 All My Loving.flac:9098b57f687e3ec163c05417684f67d7
06 Let Me Roll It.flac:14d6c6f7b705542b35487e72478fc17a
07 banter- Hendrix story.flac:abd3aea7d6ffed40a300ba2346b20d86
08 I've Got a Feeling.flac:c44a5db4c91211854500584fd8fa4450
09 My Valentine.flac:13c82dc586e475bae90cb2484050a15b
10 Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Five.flac:d3f4f6670f9211e24caa2df7c3ff285a
11 Maybe I'm Amazed.flac:0ce1859903ad05e46f95db0459fe536a
12 banter- reading the signs.flac:2fbe738eb39fa4bd3f67c32ff9106dc2
13 We Can Work It Out.flac:2263532023f087c82d7fc592fbd63ed5
14banter-Quarrymen story.flac:0f700b3813e8f7850e5451412f3a1d9e
15 In Spite of All the Danger.flac:62cfcb7b5e5ec5745dac508541dabf6f
16 You Won't See Me.flac:ecf54ad05c1e2e635aacbf30bf42f91b
17 banter- George Martin story.flac:ec207e19a4aca4efcc0f1113cfb0bc69
18 Love Me Do.flac:3f6ade0e230e3e413f85d0547a921962
19 And I Love Her.flac:0dbed207076d01a0314397f9a81d4078
20 banter- civil rights.flac:4fbe41c6db7c464244a674b604bec130
21 Blackbird.flac:171647f9ea8a38d9753a2213733a07fb
22 Here Today.flac:6de4d2008053e1735ed29ec277c0ed48
23 Quenie Eye.flac:4bc02f91873b481c7f6ec251fd59a400
24 New.flac:b5781cc06dc5bfce722944af96c5fa2a
25 Lady Madonna.flac:f9f3a4d08a71b256bb4d508987ba2136
26 Fourfiveseconds.flac:37922050a665a9ca55a1d3c03f9eb947
27 Elanor Rigby.flac:e6e4cc172b6e8260e3a84a90d57e1202
28 banter- Stones story.flac:50cbbc1c058dcb6cfb2d68fd0582d19d
29 I Wanna Be Your Man.flac:6ed0782ff2ca6288f9120f739385114d
30 Being For the Benefit of Mr Kite.flac:624c698f8669658a4ae68ccdd029bed5
31banter- ukelele.flac:8fae01ec2398c6a3d72ed1e071b31233
32 Something.flac:adaf017cb49fd8e150399bd9e19cd901
33 A Day In the Life; Give Peace a Chance.flac:cb227f77a04b96589c350bb39386f4ea
34 Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da.flac:ed1fe497995c21ca88222a7d189941ea
35 Band On the Run.flac:5ef92f423272433350bd15dc1374011e
36 Back In The USSR.flac:6f3b1ab8fe9033e6d279667119a2ada7
37 banter- USSR.flac:d93905de0681f36c962db0bb87e49201
38 Let It Be.flac:1eac24b279c5c5fad9e2529c1c0ce8c9
39 Live and Let Die.flac:6bcdbfe8132cee13d4c3ddaecda2fa9d
40 Hey Jude.flac:2892099513ddda8cc5735004980bbc71
41 Yesterday.flac:768838c4e3ef68baba055b64ad619a97
42 Sgt Pepper Reprise.flac:1d66bc369e494764be1914e058d16c4f
43 Helter Skelter.flac:0a03d9a8ac6861aa7111c83230298139
44 banter- audience participation.flac:82a50ceb4ce412556b567f1873c3bc5c
45 Birthday.flac:a2f3c09038a53b928fae642b39a54ef6
46 banter- thank yous.flac:bfa4b0e6afbf748e2434d10fd4459862
47 Golden Slumbers.flac:bc5200e006cef5aa37df95c7cf8e0d5d
48 Carry That Weight.flac:8567792798730dd00b182f3933ff96ae
49 The End.flac:580e0e63b01644a5447f7b0dc77acd2a

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

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