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FLAC - Wishbone Ash live in Nurnberg 2017 - 2CD - January 17

Nurnberg, Hirsch
January 17, 2017

01.Intro / Bona Fide
02.Eyes Wide Open
03.You See Red
04.Front Page News
05.The Spirit Flies Free
07.Throw Down the Sword
08.Rock 'n Roll Widow
09.Take It Back
10.Way Down South
11.In Crisis
12.Open Road
13.Deep Blues
14.Jail Bait
15.Blowin' Free
17.The King Will Come

TT 124:59

Lineage: CA-14 (cardioid) > Zoom H4n (24bit/48kHz) > HD > SoundForge 10.0 Pro > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 5)

Andy Powell - vocals, guitars
Bob Skeat - bass, backing vocals
Muddy Manninen - guitars, backing vocals
Joe Crabtree - drums

Watching Wishbone Ash live is always a pleasant experience: this band never disappoints! Hirsh is a small club in
downtown Nurnberg where the ambience is nice and shows always good quality. The band was also in a good shape.
Setlist had a vew changes from the last time I had seen the band but the bulk was still the same.

Soundwise this is excellent capture of that show. Enjoy!



b2c1b54617f9db15a5b6eae392da98fd [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg101.flac
98e8be0eee17e69870b772048ca3a8f3 [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg102.flac
180b0850870df4ebb43cacf493eae41d [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg103.flac
add023a53f2215c61866593a67354c68 [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg104.flac
463a0732f3cc0cba9767168e943c3ea8 [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg105.flac
4222f40f7acd59f01c9e0fda698ff39b [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg106.flac
e050a0f88078e50882e43afb0fee90a5 [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg107.flac
0e5b6121abd2e869f5ce43bf0327b1be [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg108.flac
d8e883479507281283685f415a79063e [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg109.flac
347d3fa8fb359d4c15d20611dde47900 [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg201.flac
0650015acc3c48d234af4cda9c378209 [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg202.flac
7db1beee44815a501a477237697a6826 [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg203.flac
8135502e5f2445e77c8a603004e43da3 [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg204.flac
153c872b6d8dcf74e037c370fc9de7db [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg205.flac
1ceb4c7f284fbc26981651108c1e6165 [shntool] Wishbone Ash 20170117 Nurnberg206.flac

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

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