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FLAC - Ace Frehley live in Dallas 2017 - 2CD - December 16

Ace Frehley
Hair Metal Holiday
December 16, 2017
Bomb Factory
Dallas, Texas

Lineage: Church Audio CA-11 Cardioid Mics - > Church Audio Ugly 2 Preamp (Gain setting +15db) -> Sony PCM-M10 -> REC LEVEL 7.0 -> 24/96 WAV -> Mastered by rockphantom using Izotope RX4 & Ozone 5 -> Audacity 2.2.0 (tracking/fades/dithering) -> Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0 (FLAC level 8 lossless compression & verification) -> YOU

Excellent audience recording!
Minimal crowd noise.

I have been a casual KISS fan for years.
While I have seen the scab line-up of KISS three times, I had never seen Ace before.
At the conclusion of the Dokken set, Eddie Trunk announced that Ace was still not in the building.
Being that I had been taping for 5+ hours at this point, I was not pleased.
Ace finally appeared at 11:30 and performed for about 90 minutes.
By this time, much of the crowd had cleared out, which resulted in less crowd noise on this recording.
You may notice severe phasing while a kid asks me which seat number I was in during "Rip It Out".

I was impressed by Ace's showmanship and technical ability. Ace's witch-like laugh also cracked me up.
I'd like to state the Scott Coogan's emulation of Paul Stanley's iconic voice was dead on.
Ace was the rightful headliner of the Hair Metal Holiday. He ended the festival on a high note...

I was taping from SEC B ROW C - Aisle seat on stage left in line with the left hanging speaker stack.
You may hear phasing from time to time, as I had to move in order to let people pass.
I captured the first three sets while sitting in my seat.
I had to pace myself to in order to go the distance during this marathon event!
There was an obnoxious cougar in heat screaming behind me for most of the show.
Thankfully, Izotope RX4 did a good job masking her annoying screams!


Vocals & Lead Guitar: Ace Frehley
Guitar: Richie Scarlett
Bass: Chris Wyse
Drums & Vocals: Scott Coogan

[01] Intro (1:14)
[02] Rip It Out (4:04)
[03] Hard Times (3:02)
[04] 2000 Man (3:55)
[05] Ace banter (0:24)
[06] Snow Blind (4:28)
[07] Love Gun (4:25)
[08] Ace banter (0:32)
[09] Parasite (4:02)
[10] Ace banter (0:41)
[11] Rock Soldiers (5:31)
[12] Chris Wyse Bass solo (4:48)
[13] Strange Ways (3:50)
[14] New York Groove (5:17)
[15] Richie Scarlet banter (0:23)
[16] 2 Young 2 Die (5:19)
[17] Ace & Richie Dueling Guitars (6:07)
[18] Shock Me (3:57)
[19] Ace Frehley guitar solo (5:49)
[20] Cold Gin (6:22)
[21] encore break (3:03)
[22] Detroit Rock City (4:31)
[23] Deuce (4:43)
[24] Outro - band introductions (0:49)

Running Time: 87 minutes


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